Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hikmah behind a failure

ever heard of a saying " the harder you fall the higher you'll bounce back" ? This is entirely true. Based on the rule of kinetic energy KE=1/2mvv. So if you fall from a higher place, the velocity you have when you reached the ground is higher since gravity is constant at ~10ms-2 and based on the equation v=u + at. Hence if you fall from a very high place, you'll possess enough kinetic energy to bounce back higher. But that's only true if you possess the quality of a rubber which can convert the KE to bounce back. If you don't, the KE will just be converted to some other energy and you'll be smashed to pieces. Nonetheless, you are endowed with the ability to gather the pieces and put all that back together; start anew as more awesome entity.

-point to ponder-


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